The right to a free, appropriate public education remains unrealized by many children/students who are D/deaf or hard of hearing. Direct and uninhibited language and communication access to the curriculum, and all facets of the schooling experience are essential for a D/deaf or hard of hearing child to achieve equality of opportunity and an appropriate education.

Lawmakers, community leaders, parents and others must be reminded about the importance of providing equal educational opportunities for D/deaf and hard of hearing children and this shall be done in our community outreach camps and sensitization programs both for the entire community and the government bodies.

ROIS works very closely with Colleges, universities and other post-secondary programs to make their programs accessible to their D/deaf and hard of hearing students. Access is an individualized process and can be realized by accessing an interpreter for (a) particular student (s).

ROIS is actively involved in providing information about opportunities available for educating deaf and hard of hearing children, challenges that D/deaf and hard of hearing people encounter with high-stakes testing, and the legal obligations of public and private schools, post-secondary programs, colleges, and universities.

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