On Monday 4th April ROIS provided interpretation services at ACACIA mall.  There was a peaceful demonstration sponsored by UNAD. The D/deaf community were demanding for subtitle movies. Unfortunately, management turned people away saying they did not have space for the D/deaf.  This annoyed the D/deaf who proceeded to make a statement at the Police station.  The D/deaf demanded a refund for their unused tickets.  After much hesitation, Management agreed to fully refund those that had purchased tickets.  On 7th April, a few D/deaf people returned to the mall and for free watched an Indian love story with subtitles along with ROIS providing interpretation.



Creating an Inclusive society for the D/deaf!

ROIS Uganda

On 22 April 2016, ROIS provided interpretation services at a workshop organised by Finance Trust Bank.  The event was geared to empowering and putting women first to teach them about: banking, insurance, starting your own business, acquiring finance in the current climate, managing your business in the current economic times and other finance related services.

ROIS has been working on an ongoing family case.

It involves a married couple who are both D/deaf.   The husband is held at Luzira prison.  The wife sought our services to interprete for her for the release of her husband.  The applicant does not have and cannot afford Legal Counsel. The applicant appealed to the Chief Magistrates.  The appeal was granted and the husband released.

The pictures above are of a young deaf woman who has been assaulted by a man on one of the streets in Kawempe. Our Director was called upon to mediate or interpret for the Uganda police officers while this young woman is recording her statement. It’s not yet confirmed but the lady had no cloths on her by the time the police was recording a statement and she had bruises all over with no money for medication because the 80000 Ug shillings that she had was stolen by this heartless man.

At ROIS Uganda, it’s our duty to protect the rights of the D/deaf through interpretation and inclusiveness in the community. On behalf of NUWODU and the Uganda Police, we wish to report that the man was apprehended and taken to custody as the investigations are ongoing. But the public should be made aware that this young woman did not know sign language and ROIS Uganda works towards availing her the Sign Language training after she has been rehabilitated.

ROIS has been providing interpretation services to a beneficiary at KCCA Court.

This case involves domestic violence.

The verdict is adjourned to 23rd April 2016.