Creating an Inclusive society for the D/deaf!

Who We Are?

ROIS Uganda

Reach Out Interpretation Services Uganda (ROIS) is a registered non-profit NGO charity that provides interpretation services to the D/deaf Ugandan individual and support to vulnerable individuals/children especially in disasters and disease areas in the Ugandan community in all areas of their lives.  

Our team consists of 50:50 males: females.  We are a multilingual, multicultural and multi-talented team representing a true picture of Uganda.  Between us, we speak English, Sign Language, Luganda, Swahili, Runyoro, Runyakore, Rutooro, Rukiga, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kufumbira, German, Lusoga, Adhola and Luo.  Our team consists of disabled (without limbs and deaf staff) and none disabled people.  We are smart, hardworking, professional, experienced, educated, capable and highly skilled. Our team is educated with Diploma, Degree and Masters obtained from Uganda, UK and U.S.A. 

Education of our Staff and team

·    Sign Language Interpretation, Dip, Uganda.
·    Industrial Art and Design, BA (Hons), Uganda.
·    Social Work and Social Administration, BA (Hons), Uganda.
·    Management, PgDip, Uganda.
·    Stenography and Office Practice, Uganda.
·    LLB Law, (Hons), UK.
·    Masters of Public Service, U.S.A.

We advocate for deaf people inclusion in job market, due the fact that majority of deaf people are not appointed for highly paying jobs because of fear of double expenditure. This calls for the need of Reach Out Interpretation Services Uganda to link the gap in between. On the other hand deaf people are denied access to public services because of their disability.

The advocacy scope of ROIS is very broad, covering a lifetime and impacting future generations in the areas of early intervention, education, employment, health care, technology, telecommunications, youth leadership, and more – improving the lives of millions of deaf and hard of hearing Ugandans and East Africans at large. ROIS also carries out its advocacy work through coalition efforts with specialized national deaf and hard of hearing organizations, as well as coalitions representing national cross-disability organizations as well as the Ugandan Central Government Authorities, Ministries and Agencies. Also Individual and organizational membership makes it possible for ROIS to ensure that the collective interests of the Ugandan deaf and hard of hearing community are seen and represented among our nation’s policy makers and opinion leaders at all government and community levels.

ROIS aims at being supported by the generous individual and organizational donors, including corporations and foundations both local and international.